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The Maltese Alphabet

• What language do Gozitans speak ?

It may come as a surprise when one hears the locals speak their own language: Malti – which is also recognized as an official European language by the European Union of which Malta now forms part since 2004. Maltese is the only Semitic origin (with overtones of romance) language that is written in the Latin alphabet.

If you don’t know any Maltese don’t worry since English is also a national language and the vast majority of the locals can speak English. The use and knowledge of Italian language is also widespread, and it is not surprising to find people who speak German, French and Spanish!

Language schools – especially English language schools – are also active on a year round basis.

Other schools – other schools offer such as music, art, drama, computer skills (ECDL [European Computer Driving Licence] especially) and other skills – available year round.

Location of Gozo

• What type of public transport is used ?

The main terminus is in Victoria (the main town in Gozo which is still called by its old name of Rabat by most locals). From here a good network and round trips can be had to most of the places on the island. Frequent busses run to Mgarr (the ferry harbour) the main bays – such as Marsalforn and Xlendi) as well as round trips to Xewkija, Ghajnsielem, Qala, Nadur and back to Victoria, and another to the west of the island run every 30 minutes. Bus timetables can be had from the kiosk at the main terminus in Victoria. Taxi stands are found in Victoria and Mgarr.

• Are there any tourist information offices ?

Information Offices are found in Victoria (00356 21561419), Mgarr and Xlendi . One can get information about all cultural events (including many festivals) in Gozo from the Cultural Office in Victoria (00356 21556125)

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