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Currency Convertor

Malta Switched to Euro on 1st January 2008

• What is the currency and exchange rate ?

The Maltese Lira (Lm) was divided into 100 cents and notes were issued in denominations of Lm20, Lm10, Lm5 and Lm2. One Maltese Lira (approximately 1.66 pounds sterling) was fixed at 2.33 Euros. There are a number of Bank branches and ATM services in Victoria and in other towns and villages. As from the 1st of January 2008, the legal currency of Malta is the Euro.

Accommodation in Gozo

• What type of accommodation does Gozo offer ?

All houses in Gozo are built from the mellow honey-toned local globigerina limestone and are very different from the brick affairs that one finds in mainland Europe! In Gozo one finds serviced accommodation (5 star de-luxe to guesthouses) and self-catering apart-hotels to apartments which range from luxurious to outright basic. A unique form of accommodation are the authentic converted farmhouses (some are 300 year old plus!) which offer luxurious accommodation plus good private pool. Most of these also include a good view of the Gozo countryside or the sea.

Traditional Gozitan Food

• What type of cuisine can I enjoy ?

In Gozo one can find a rich and diverse culinary culture but the main traditional dishes are rabbit and braggioli which consist of minced meet, eggs and other fillings wrapped around thin slices of beef. Lampuki fish are also very popular when in season i.e. around late September to December.

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