Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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All Malta enjoys 4 seasons which are very different from those of Mainland Europe. Gozo, in particular, enjoys a long, sunny, dry and hot summer between the mid-May to end of September, with July being the hottest month of all when the temperature can soar to 43°C in the shade! The night temperature can stay as high as 26°C – so there is absolutely no need for summer douvets here in Gozo! Light clothes are the order of the day – as is a swimsuit! The temperature in June and August can be in the high 30s (38°C being the typical day time temperature), whilst that of May and September is somewhat cooler at 28°C on average.

Summer is fiesta time and there is a local town / village fiesta every single weekend with a band-music playing marches, church ceremonies (absolutely impressive) and fireworks. The most popular are St. George’s festa (a whole week from the second to the third Sunday in July) and the Assumption (or Santa Maria as it is locally known) (another whole week preceeding the 15th of August). Most festas are held in the cool evenings.

From the end of September onwards one expects some wind which heralds a change in the weather. This “windy season” lasts only a brief 15 days and the rainy season (what the locals call winter most of Europe calls Spring!) from mid-October to mid-March. Day-time temperatures during December and January average 15°C but can vary between 12° and 18°C. Night time temperatures average 10°C. the coldest on record is +2°C! Although one expects rain from time to time during this time of the year, long stretches of bright sunny weather are also the norm! This is the season for those that enjoy countryside walks since rain water changes the Gozo vista from the sun-burnt brown desert-like vista of summer to the green abundance of the rainy season. There are plenty of walks and many interesting places to visit and “must-sees” such as the oldest freestanding man-made buildings in the world: the Ggantija Temples of Xaghra Gozo which conservatively date from 3,500 B.C. (1000 years older than the oldest Egyptian pyramid, and 2000 years older than Stonehenge!) If you are visiting at this time do bring a warm jacket of a coat with you as the humidity can make the air seem a bit chilly.

There is also a somewhat longer “windy season” between mid-March and mid-May.

The sea-temperature varies between 27°C of August/September to 15°C of March.

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