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Population & Relegion

• What's the population in Gozo ?

Gozo was first inhabited before the Neolithic Period (ca. 4th Millenium BC). Even so, according to archaeological finds, this means that Gozo received its first inhabitants from Sicily before mainland Malta. Today's Gozitan has typical Mediterranean features that closely match with Spanish or Italian looks. Gozitans are renowned hard-workers, religiously influenced and with an admirable sence of hospitality. The population of Gozo stands at about 31,000 and is distributed amongst Victoria and the surrounding thirteen villages.

• What about the Relegion in Gozo ?

Religion is predominantly Roman Catholic. The village parish church is evidently the nucleus of local life and there are over 40 churches and chapels scattered around the island. Gozo has its own Diocese and its Seminary since 1864. The Bishop of Gozo has his seat at the Gozo Cathedral in Victoria.

plenty of gorgeous churches – do visit at least St George and the Cathedral – both in Victoria. Plenty of good paintings dating from the 17th century or earlier – the main altar piece at St. George is by Mattia Preti. Another musts are the Xewkija church (with the third largest dome in the world [the largest after St. Peter’s in the Vatican and St. Paul’s in London]. Don’t miss the old church museum which is accessed from this church! Another must is the church at Ta’ Pinu which has plenty of carvings all done in the local globigerina stone as well as a very old painting of our Lady which is said to be miraculous. In the summer, each village celebrates its own festa with traditional band-marches, fun, petards and fireworks! The festa ceremonies in church are pretty impressive especially the ones in Victoria (3rd Sunday in July for St. George’s festa – marvelous choral singing in the last three days of the festa! Don’t miss these or the main sung mass if you are interested in choral or classical music! – and on the 15th of August for the Assumption festa at the Cathedral church in the citadel). Apart from the festa days available year round.

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