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Location of Gozo

• Where is Gozo ?

Gozo is the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago. Malta, as all the archipelago is known by is bang in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. To locate Malta just find Italy on the South coast of Europe and then go down all its boot like length to the ‘football’ which is the island of Sicily. Malta lies about 95 kilometres further to the south Sicily and this makes it roughly 290 kilometres from the North African coast.

Gozo Map

Once you find Malta, you will discover that it is really a small archipelago made up of three islands, the largest of which is also called Malta, and after which all the archipelago takes its name. Gozo, the second largest island in the archipelago and the northernmost island, is roughly 7 kilometers to the Northwest of the main island: Malta. Roughly oblong in shape, Gozo is only 14 kilometres long by 7 kilometres in the extreme width. The highest point on the Island is Ta' Dbiegi Hill which rises 190 metres above sea level. The southern part of Gozo is low lying, but it rises near the coast where one finds the vertical cliffs of Ta' Cenc.

Malta International Airport

• How do I get there ?

Getting to Gozo is easy. One normally arrives in Malta by air – landing at the Malta International Airport at Gudja on the main island. Once you have deplaned and picked up your bags, just enquire about the bus direct service to Cirkewwa – the main ferry point to Gozo at the Arrivals lounge. The bus terminal is just outside. This service is run by the same company that runs the ferries to Gozo: the Gozo Channel Co. Ltd. The ferry service runs round the clock both in summer and in winter although in winter the services are somewhat reduced. You are hereby adviced to visit the Gozo Channel website: www.gozochannel.com for the latest ferry and bus timetables. One can also contact the company by phone on (00356) 21556114 or (00356) 21243964.

Gozo Channel's Ferry

There are two tickets to pay: the bus ticket – which costs just €5.01 and is payable on boarding the bus, and the ferry ticket costs €4.66. Prices are per person. The ferry tickets can be bought at the ferry place at Cirkewwa, just before boarding the ferry. There one will also find a baggage service so ask about this at the ticket counter and check in your bags in the special bag container. There is nothing to pay for this service and the service is 100% secure. Your bags can be retrieved once the 25 minute trip to Gozo is over.

An alternative is to get a taxi to Cirkewwa but the cost is relatively high at €51.24 for the one-way trip.

If you don’t fancy the ferry, then there is a faster way to go: Just get on a bus to the Valletta Waterfront – better still just get a taxi – haggle with the driver for the fare - and take a Harbour Air Malta sea-plane (an Otter) trip costing (€69.84) and which lands you at Mgarr Harbour in Gozo just 9 minutes later!

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