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Marsalforn Bay - Gozo

• Marsalforn Bay

Another very popular area with visitors to Gozo is Marsalforn Bay. This bay is located on the north coast. You can drive there or take Bus number 21. Marsalforn Bay is quite developed compared to other resort areas in Gozo. Many multistory buildings have been built in recent years, most of them along the western-side of the bay. Many of these places are available for short and long-term rental during the summer months. There is also a hotel located on the southern side of the bay close to the waterfront.

Marsalforn Bay - Gozo

Late in the evening, you can always find people strolling around the seafront at Marsalforn. It's an excellent spot for this sort of activity, one that is quite popular with Maltese people. You can enjoy the sounds of the waves hitting the pebbly beach. The smell of the sea water and the cool breeze adds to the atmosphere making this quite an enjoyable experience. The air is fresh, and although the promenade can get crowded on warm summer nights, you can still get the feeling of being away from it all.

Marsalforn Bay - Gozo

Do not be surprised if your appetite seems to be sharper than normal. The air close to sea tends to have such an effect on many people. But do not worry, there's always a place where you can get a hearty Maltese meal. Fresh seafood and local vegetables always seem to hit the spot on such occassions.

There are a number of restaurants and small shops selling souvenirs and the usual array of T-Shirts and stuff like that along the bay. Marsalforn is a fishing village and you'll be able to see the colourful Maltese fishing boats either floating in the bay or on land undergoing renovations. Maltese fisherman are very proud of their colourful boats and you can always find one being refurbished or repainted.

If you drive around the bay towards the newer area of Marsalforn, you will come to an area where salt pans have been carved out of the rock to harvest sea salt. Sea water is pumped into this shallow pans and then the hot sun is left to do the rest. Eventually, a thin crust of salt forms in the shallow pans. Sea salt has a very different taste to the rock salt most people are used to. It is preferred by many chefs for its flavour.

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