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Dwejra Bay

The name of this bay, Dwejra Bay, is derived from a small house which was built on the cliffs surrounding the inland sea.

The bay has rare geological features, both on land and undrer the sea, rich and diverse wildlife and habitats, dramatic seascapes dominated by a rocky shoreline and a general wilderness feel. Dwejra is renowned both for it interesting geology and also for its fascinating underwater scenery.

From Dwejra one could also enjoy the wonderful scene of the sunset.

Azure Window

This natural phenomenon is a favorite of professional photograpers, artists and tourists because of its unique and majestic look. two almost perpendicular-cut vertical rocks and a huge horizontal mass over them form the window. The result of extensive faultins as well as the wind erosion is the majestic window lowering up to hundred metres.

Inland Sea

The Inland Sea known as Il-Qawra by the locals, constitutes the lowest spot of Gozo. The Inland Sea is an expanse of shallow water set in a deep recess in the rock coastline produced by the caving in of the surface above subterranean caves.

The pool is connected to the outside sea by means of a narrow, sixty metre-long tunnel the cliffs. This only entrance for this pebbly lake is called Ghar iz-Zerqa (Blue Cave) because of the colour of the sea within and around it.

With small fishing boats you can travel out to the sea through the tunnel and visit Fungus Rock, where Medieval knights grew medicinal plants,

Dwejra Coast Watch-Tower

The Dwejra tower was built during the reign of Grand Master Anton de Paule in 1651 but was completed during the reign of Grand Master Jean Paul Lascaris de Castellar a year later.

After 1744, apart from spying ot Turkish raiders, Dwejra Tower acquired another function that of guarding the Hagret il-General and the supposed medicinal fungus that grew on it.

After 1873 the tower ceased to act as a coast guard and was deserted.

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